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The services we provide are rooted firmly within the field of prospect research – this is what we have a broad and deep knowledge of and this is what we are passionate about.  

Research Profiles

From thumbnail profiles through to in-depth briefing reports, research is tailored to fit the needs of your organisation and to help you gain a deeper understanding of your prospects and donors. 


Wherever possible, we will work with your profile templates to ensure the research we give you matches your in-house style.

Prospect Pools 

Working proactively with criteria discussed and agreed with you, Prospera Research will supply new suspects and prospects to boost your pool of prospects and to help you reach your fundraising targets. 


For example, a recently completed project was the construction of a pool of 50 grant-making trusts with the capacity to make a £100k+ donation towards a capital campaign for a UK university.  Another recent project was for a London cultural institution; Prospera provided a list of 50 companies for its corporate patrons scheme.

Training and Consultancy

We have extensive experience of providing bespoke training and consultancy to a wide range of not-for profit organisations.  Prospera training days take a two-pronged approach: providing best practice systems and methodologies against a backdrop of practical prospect research. 


Consultancy days, or half days, are geared towards finding solutions to problems, challenges or blockages you might be facing.  Help is also on hand with developing systems and working practices to make your prospect research function run efficiently and productively.

Board Development

From network mapping the contacts of your senior volunteers, through to conducting skills audits of your boards and committees to horizon-scanning and identifying trustee candidates to fill board vacancies, we can help with the research side of this important area.  Many projects are done in partnership with Philia International, a consultancy that specialises in Board and Leadership search and development.  Liz Dixon and Lucy Blythe have worked together for many years and we have a proven track record in building strong, diverse, capable boards with the skills, experience and governance understanding needed in today’s complex and competitive non-profit world.

Bespoke Projects

Attribute it to many years of yoga practice, but we are flexible!  We relish working with our clients on research projects that don’t necessarily fit into a particular category.  This could include competitor analysis, market research or compiling industry sector research for your corporate fundraising team.


Talk to us!  We are happy to discuss your needs.  

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